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What Happened to Sylvia Peal

A Novel by Kara Q. Rea

Former literary prodigy Julia Aldrich has all but given up on her writing career when she is accepted into the exclusive Friends of Sylvia Peal writing club. And while she’s skeptical of her critique partner’s claim to have a secret that can make her famous overnight, what does she have to lose by trusting his methods? After all, it’s Clifton Penn Parker, and whatever he’s doing is certainly working well for him. But as Cliff’s assignments for Julia become increasingly dark, she can’t help but notice that his prose bears a striking resemblance to that of famed missing author, the iconic Sylvia Peal.

As her fascination with the decades old cold case spirals into obsession, Julia becomes determined to find out what happened to Sylvia and uncover who really wrote Clifton Penn Parker’s award-winning novels. She’s sure that she is clever enough to do what no one else could: bring Sylvia home all these years later—alive.

But when the group’s writing retreat goes wrong and Julia finds herself trapped in Cliff’s remote Cape Cod mansion, she is forced to ask herself: Would Clifton Penn Parker kill to see his name on the cover of a breakout bestseller?

Would she?


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