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Kara Q. Rea 




Kara Q. Rea is an accomplished multi-genre author.  Her poetry, short fiction and essays have been published in Sylvia Magazine, The Avenue, Birthing Magazine, and elsewhere.  She lives in a 200 year old farmhouse in rural New Hampshire with the love of her life and their three young children. 

Kara is hard at work on her first novel, a suburban psychological thriller, and will be seeking representation upon completion.

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Image by Jon Flobrant

I want to leave my readers satisfied, but with questions.  I want to leave them thinking—either about the characters in the story, or about the characters in their own lives.  Mostly, I hope that my readers will remember the way they felt when they came to the end of one of my stories, and that the memory of that feeling will make them want to read the story again someday.

Kara Q. Rea, Interviewed by Kirsten McNeill of Worthy Writers Editing, 13 April 2021



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